Upgrade your venue with a Virtual Reality Arena

Forget playing alone in a VR booth, with our industry standard VR arenas, multiple people can play together in a free-roam space without wires or cables.

Arena-Scale VR Benefits

Enhanced Experience

Enhanced Experience

Arena-scale VR allows for more natural walking in an open space that booth setups inhibit, due to the smaller play area and needing the headset to be tethered with cables.

Diverse VR Clientele

Diverse clientele

Free roam VR arenas appeal to a broad audience with something for nearly every age group. This makes it appealing for group events of all kinds -school trips, birthdays, corporate events, and more.

Increased VR Engagement

Increased Engagment

VR arenas enable users to play the same games together in the same space cooperatively or competitively, leading to longer play time retention than VR booth systems.

"The biggest appeal of our free roam arena lies in the ability for participants to move unrestricted, which significantly enhances the immersion and engagement in various experiences... With the promise of more content becoming available for free roam arenas, it's a fantastic opportunity to keep our customers engaged and excited about new experiences."

Larry Tartaglino

Owner, VR Galaxy Lounge

VR Arena ROI

A clear advantage over VR booths

Depending on their implementation, VR Arenas can yield a higher ROI than traditional VR Booths. These include:

  • Longer playtimes - VR arenas often have longer playtimes of 30-60 minutes compared to 10-15 minute sessions in booths

  • Increased replayability - Arena experiences often offer multiple levels, challenges, and game modes, encouraging repeat visits and increased revenue.

  • Higher throughput - Arenas can accommodate more players per hour than booths. This can significantly increase revenue potential, especially during peak hours.

VR Arenas vs. VR Booths

Both booths and arenas offer unique advantages and disadvantages for VR experiences. The best option for you depends on your specific needs and priorities. Here's a quick breakdown to help you decide which option is best for you:

Choose booths if

You have limited space.
You need a portable solution.
You prefer individualized experiences.
You are targeting a small audience.

Choose VR Arenas if

You have a large space available.
You want to offer the most immersive experience possible.
You want to encourage social interaction.
You need a solution for large groups and events.

Unparalleled immersion
Multiplayer experiences
Fosters collaboration
Expansive spaces
Caters to larger groups
Shared mapping
Advanced tracking tech
Variety of games
More easily scalable
Free roam


Talk to a specialist

Talk with one of our VR Arena specialists and they can help you decide on a VR Arena solution. We can also fabricate a custom arena for you if none of the turnkey options meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the most frequently asked questions about virtual reality (VR) arenas, booths, software, and more. If you don't see your question listed, reach out!

How much do VR arenas cost?

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VR arenas range in price depending on the size and features you're wanting. They are often less expensive than a traditional booth model approach.

How much space do I need for a VR arena?

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Space requirements can vary, but a large, open area is needed to work correctly. Common VR Arena dimensions are: 15x15 feet, 20x20 feet, 20x30 feet.

Is Arena-Scale VR Safe?

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Yes, as long as safety guidelines are followed. The software uses a shared mapping feature and tracking that ensures players stay a safe distance from one another.

What types of games are available?

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Each software provider has their own collection of games. A variety of experiences is available, including adventure games, escape rooms, and educational games.

Can I play Solo in a VR arena?

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Absolutely! While some experiences in arena-scale VR are best suited to larger groups, there are many that can be enjoyed solo or with fewer people.

Is there an age limit for Arena-Scale vr?

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Games with simpler controls permit players as young as 5 or 6 years old, but a common recommended age for many games is 10 or older.

How long do arena-scale VR sessions last?

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Sessions can vary from 10 minutes to over an hour, depending on the game or experience.

Can playing in a VR arena cause motion sickness?

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Motion sickness varies from person to person. Most VR Arena content is mapped to the player's physical space so there is less disconnect between physical movement and perceived motion from the headset, which helps to mitigate motion sickness.

How does Arena-scale VR differ from a home or booth setup?

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Arena-scale VR offers a more immersive and physically expansive experience than home or the traditional booth scaled VR. It allows for full-body movement in a large area, often with several users, which isn't typically possible in homes or original room scale setups.

How accessible is arena-scale VR for people with disabilities?

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Accessibility varies. Some vendors offer equipment or experiences tailored for various disabilities. We can help with recommendations for getting the best software and equipment based on the clients needs.

How intense is the physical activity for VR arenas?

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It varies by experience. Some require significant physical activity, mimicking sports or action games, while others are more exploratory and require a lot less physical exertion.

How do Arena-Scale VR Experiences Ensure Hygiene and Cleanliness?

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Most venues have strict sanitation protocols, including disinfecting VR equipment before and after use, using disposable face covers, and ensuring proper ventilation of the playing area.

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