VR for Business

Round One: Fight for Business

In the competitive landscape of arcades and entertainment facilities, attracting and captivating visitors is essential for success.

A wide shot from a UFC arena, mirroring the figurative fight businesses find themselves in for virtual reality customers
Luckily fighting for VR customers is done with clever marketing

In the competitive landscape of arcades and entertainment facilities, attracting and captivating visitors is essential for success. What better way to engage fans of console fighting games, including enthusiasts of the newly released Street Fighter and the highly anticipated Mortal Kombat 1, than by incorporating virtual reality fighting games into your offerings? With immersive titles like Creed, Dragonfist, and a range of other exhilarating VR experiences, you can create a unique and unforgettable arcade experience. Whether you seek to leverage these games as a marketing tool or run successful tournaments, the expert team at Private Label VR is ready to help you take your facility to the next level.

A screenshot from the vr game Creed
Rocky can certainly help draw in potential customers with the excellent Creed experience

Amplifying the Arcade Experience with VR Fighting Games:

Traditional arcade games are beloved by many, but incorporating VR fighting games can elevate the experience to new heights. By integrating titles like Creed and Dragonfist, you provide visitors with a thrilling opportunity to step into the shoes of their favorite fighters and engage in realistic, heart-pounding combat encounters. The immersion and physicality of VR gaming add a whole new dimension of excitement to the arcade environment.

A virtual reality sword fighting game, depicting a sword fight
Bring fantasies of sword fighting and role playing to reality

Engaging Console Fighting Game Fans:

Fans of console fighting games are passionate and dedicated, making them an ideal target audience for your arcade. By offering VR fighting games, you tap into their love for intense combat experiences, bridging the gap between their favorite console games and the world of virtual reality. Draw them in with the promise of dynamic and immersive gameplay that goes beyond what traditional arcade games can offer.

A Tekken style Virtual Reality fighting game
With the popularity of Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Street Fighter, and More fighting games mean big business for Virtual Reality Arcades

Harnessing VR Fighting Games as a Marketing Tool:

VR fighting games can serve as a powerful marketing tool for your arcade. Showcase these thrilling experiences through captivating social media campaigns, enticing gameplay previews, and interactive demonstrations within your facility. Highlight the similarities and unique aspects of VR fighting games compared to popular console titles, emphasizing the sensory immersion and physical engagement that set them apart.

Organizing Successful Tournaments:

Take your arcade to the next level by hosting exciting VR fighting game tournaments. Private Label VR's expert team can guide you in creating and running a tournament that leaves a lasting impact. From structuring the event and managing prize pools to effective promotion and seamless execution, their expertise ensures a thrilling and memorable experience for both participants and spectators. Hosting tournaments not only generates buzz and increases foot traffic but also fosters a sense of community and excitement around your arcade.Position your facility as a cutting-edge destination that embraces the exciting world of virtual reality, and captivates the hearts of console fighting game fans. Let Private Label VR guide you in leveraging these powerful attractions to create a thriving and memorable arcade that stands out from the competition.

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