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We love Virtual Reality. So much so, that we pioneered the first VR Arcade in the United States, and built the most robust CRM in the industry.  We're excited to continue supporting businesses with their commercial VR ventures with our latest offerings - arena-scale VR and custom VR arena fabrication.

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The story of how we became industry-leaders in VR

From 8 years ago to today, take a trip down memory lane with us as we look back on the history of Private Label VR.

APRIL 2016

Josh and McKay, coworkers at an engineering firm, got their first taste of virtual reality when a friend let them try his HTC Vive and play The Brookhaven Experiment. From the first minute they were hooked, and they dreamed up an idea: a VR arcade where people can come and play VR without having to buy the expensive equipment themselves.

McKay plays VR in the first VR Junkies location

June 2016

After countless hours coding a custom VR CRM software after work, VR Junkies was born. The first VR Arcade in the United States opened in June 2016 in Orem, Utah.

VR Junkies in Orem storefront

June 2016

VR Junkies received local media attention for bringing Virtual Reality to the masses with its first commercial VR location.

McKay being interviewed by KSL for VR Junkies

October 2016

Josh and McKay partnered with Fear Factory to create a unique VR haunted house experience with 4D effects - including effects with air, vibration, and sound.

A weathered sign that says VR Junkies Danger Virtual Reality May Be Terrifying

January 2017

VR is a hot topic at CES. With the popularity of VR Junkies, we branched into white-labeling and formed Private Label VR. We also showcased our haunted house experience at TransWorld's Halloween & Attractions Show.

Private Label VR booth at Transworld Halloween and Attraction Show

Jan 2017 - Feb 2020

Business was booming. Other VR enthusiasts wanted to open their own arcades, and Private Label VR became franchised to locations all around the world, including Hawaii and New Zealand.


The entire world stopped in its tracks with a global pandemic. Businesses were forced to close as people were confined to their homes to control the spread of the virus. As a result, Private Label VR came to a standstill as did all location-based VR ventures.

APRIL 2021

Interest in VR skyrocketed, and with it a new surge of innovation in VR technology - including arena-scale VR systems. These systems have multiplayer capabilities and wireless headsets that allow players to roam freely in an open space as they interact with the virtual world.

A group of 4 friends wearing VR headsets and holding gun controllers stand in the middle of a VR arena.


As of January 1, 2024, Private Label VR is focusing on the manufacturing and fabrication of VR arenas, which allows for more immersion and fun than ever before. Contact us for custom VR arena fabrication.

The Fabric of our Reality

Here are a few of the values we live by at Private Label VR.

VR innovation excellence

Innovation Excellence

We embrace a culture of continuous innovation, driving the development of cutting-edge VR experiences and pioneering solutions in the virtual reality industry.

VR customer-centric


We prioritize customer satisfaction by understanding their unique needs and delivering personalized, high-quality VR arenas and systems that exceed expectations.

VR quality craftsmanship

Quality Craftsmanship

We uphold a commitment to craftsmanship in every aspect of our work, ensuring that each VR arena and custom system is meticulously designed and assembled to meet the industry standards.

VR adaptability and agility

Adaptability and Agility

We embrace change and stay agile in a rapidly evolving industry, adapting quickly to new technologies, market trends, and customer preferences.

About PRivate Label VR

Welcome to Private Label VR! We're on a mission to redefine virtual reality. From top-notch turnkey VR arenas to custom systems, our team is dedicated to delivering quality and sparking wonder. We started with a vision to innovate and create extraordinary VR experiences. At Private Label VR, we're not just building virtual realities; we're connecting dreams and realities with precision and passion. Join us on this exciting journey into the digital frontier!

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Uncover the passion, expertise, and stories that make our team more than just technologists.

McKay Christensen
Master Chief

McKay Christensen

Master Chief of Collaboration, guiding the team through the battlefield of innovation with unwavering leadership.

Josh Hintze
Sorcerer Sovereign

Josh Hintze

Sorcerer Sovereign of Code, bending the threads of logic to craft digital realms of enchantment.

Brian Turner
Combat Medic Specialist

Brian Turner

Combat Medic Specialist of Customer Care, healing concerns and resolving issues with precision and empathy.