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Apple's Vision Comes Into Focus

The long wait is over, and Apple is jumping into the headset arena!

The long wait is over, and Apple is jumping into the headset arena! The Apple Vision Pro is being hailed as the future of computing due to its innovative and immersive features. This mixed reality headset is unique in its design and capabilities, offering an experience that significantly diverges from traditional computing methods. After watching the reveal yesterday, I wanted to offer some brief observations, as Apple gears up for the future.

The Vision Pro is absolutely a leap in capability and execution of XR (Extended Reality), marking a significant milestone in the computing industry. One of the major advantages of the Vision Pro is that Apple has brought to the table over 5,000 patents filed over the past few years and a vast base of talent and capital. This results in a piece of hardware that exhibits Apple's high level of ambition and meticulous engineering.(As soon as they said 5000 patents, I knew this was going to be pricey)

In terms of hardware, the Vision Pro is impressive, with two panels that collectively offer 24 million pixels, far surpassing any headset most consumers have interacted with. The headset is designed for comfort, with a quickly adjustable headband and a top strap for weight relief. The device is substantial in size but not heavy, and appears to be made for comfort over long periods of wearing the device.

Apple's new headset on display at the unveiling event
Apple's new Vision Pro on display

The Vision Pro is equipped with Apple's R1 chip that ensures a system-wide polling rate of 12ms, addressing the issues of latency-driven nausea and isolation that can come with extended VR sessions.

Shows Apple's Eye tracking display on the outside of the headset, providing otherrs with a way to see if the wearer is paying attention
Let people know you are paying attention even in VR with the heads up display

One of the key features that set the Vision Pro apart from other headsets is its near-perfect eye tracking and gesture control. High-resolution cameras dedicated to the bottom of the device keep track of your hands, regardless of where they are located. This means you don't have to keep your hands in front of you, which can be tiring with other interfaces. Similarly, an eye-tracking array inside the headset ensures that nearly everything you look at is precisely highlighted. This results in a low-effort yet highly efficient user experience.

Another key feature is the passthrough capability, offering a real-time 4k view of the world around you, improving long-session VR or AR wear. This feature is critical for eliminating the discomfort that can arise from not being able to see your surroundings for extended periods. The Vision Pro also has a clever "breakthrough" mechanism that alerts you when someone is approaching you, improving your awareness of your environment.

Spatial computing on display
Your workspace goes from crowded to nearly infinite with the new spatial computing

Apple Vision Pro's high resolution ensures that text is readable, making it suitable as a full-on computing device. Unlike previous "virtual desktop" setups that were too blurry for comfortable, prolonged reading, text on the Vision Pro is clear and legible at all sizes and distances

FaceTime takes on a brand new concept with seeing people in your space
FaceTime is about to get an incredible upgrade

One of the standout features of the Apple Vision Pro is the Personas Play, which uses a scan of your face to create a digital avatar for use in FaceTime calls and other areas. This feature has been well-executed, providing a non-creepy and surprisingly accurate digital representation of the user, I am very excited to see how Facetime works out in real time.

Even more people on display with the new Facetime widgets
Remote Group meetings take on a new life in Virtual Reality as well.

The 3D capabilities of the Vision Pro are another highlight. The device excels at displaying 3D movies and photos, hinting at a potential renaissance for shot-on-3D movies. Furthermore, the setup of the device is smooth and simple, in line with Apple's reputation for user-friendly interfaces. Speaking of the onboard camera. The Apple Vision Pro's capabilities extend beyond mixed reality experiences and immersive computing, venturing into the realm of photography and videography. It offers the ability to take 3D photos and videos directly using the headset, opening up a new dimension of creativity for users. The images captured by the Vision Pro are reported to look fantastic, and the device's 3D capabilities are expected to breathe new life into the format. However, as of yet, it's unclear how the process of capturing images will feel to the user in practice. Despite this uncertainty, the Vision Pro's image capturing capabilities represent a significant step towards blurring the lines between physical and digital reality, paving the way for innovative content creation in the realm of 3D photography and videography

Displays the capability of turning nearly every room into a movie theater in VR
Bring the movie theater anywhere in virtual reality.

Despite these promising features, it's important to note that Apple Vision Pro is a high-end product with a price tag of $3,500, positioning it as a device for power users and early adopters. At the end of the presentation, the speakers highlighted just how many things the Vision Pro can replace in your household, from your pc, speakers, traditional television, and camera, the list seemed never ending. This may be Apple’s position with the price tag, all you will need is a chair in a room, and Vision Pro creates the rest around you.

Another view of the outside screen on the Apple Vision Pro headset
Gone are the days of wandering if the person in the headset is even paying attention

Disney was on hand to show off some of the content they have planned for the Apple Vision Pro
Companies, such as Disney, have already started development on applications for the Vision Pro.

Overall, the Apple Vision Pro shows a great deal of promise, and it will be interesting to see what developers and Apple can accomplish over the next few months.

So, what are your thoughts on Apple’s foray into the Headset space?

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