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Keep Your Commercial Arcade Fresh: When and How to Update Your Game Library

A critical part of this is regular refreshing of the game library, particularly when it comes to Virtual Reality (VR) systems.

A blacklight reactive virtual reality structure
The place looks great, but what are they playing?

The success of a commercial arcade largely depends on its ability to continuously engage and attract customers. A critical part of this is regular refreshing of the game library, particularly when it comes to Virtual Reality (VR) systems. However, the timing and strategy for adding new games require careful consideration.

When Should You Refresh Your VR Game Library?

The frequency of game refreshes depends on several factors, such as your customer base, the size of your current library, and the rate of new VR game releases. However, a good rule of thumb is to refresh your game offerings every 3-6 months. This keeps your VR experiences fresh and exciting for your repeat customers and can attract new patrons looking for the latest in VR gaming.

Rhythmatic 2 a Beat Saber clone for commercial VR arcades
Beat Saber is out, Rhythmatic is IN!

Adaptability is key in the fast-paced VR gaming industry. If a highly anticipated VR game hits the market, you might consider updating your game library ahead of your usual schedule. To ensure you're always up-to-date with the newest and most exciting VR games, turn to Private Label VR as your definitive source. With our industry-leading platform, we keep you informed about the latest releases, game updates, and emerging trends in VR gaming. We go beyond just newsletters and social media updates—we offer a comprehensive resource that keeps your finger on the pulse of the VR gaming world, ensuring your commercial arcade stays ahead of the competition.

A man being rained on in a virtual enviroment
Don't let old games ruin your virtual fun!

Choosing the Right Games for Your Arcade

While it's tempting to add every new game to your library, it's crucial to be selective. The choice of games should be based on a variety of factors:

Diversity: Aim for a range of genres, difficulty levels, and age appropriateness to cater to a wide audience.

Quality and Reviews: Look for games with high-quality graphics and gameplay, good reviews, and positive player feedback.

Loco Dojo is a virtual reality game similar to Mario Party
Having games similar to AAA counterparts is a must when it comes to rounding out your library

Compatibility: Ensure that the games are compatible with your VR system and can be easily integrated into your current setup.

Interestingly, not all popular VR games that work well in home settings translate well to commercial arcades. For example, a game that requires long hours of play to progress may be popular for home use, but won't be suitable for an arcade setting where players are looking for shorter, more immediate experiences. Games that require complicated setup or calibration each time can also be challenging for arcades, where quick turnover and ease of use are essential.

Marketing Your New Games

Once you've chosen the right games to add to your library, it's crucial to effectively market these new additions:

RevolVR 3 a wild west shootout dventure in vr
Now that you have the latest games, make sure to let your audience know!

Announce New Games: Use email newsletters, social media posts, and in-store signage to announce the arrival of new games.

Host Events: Consider launching new games with special events or tournaments to generate excitement.

Promotional Offers: Encourage people to try the new games with discounts or special deals for a limited time.

For instance, when the highly anticipated "Creed: Rise to Glory" was released, many commercial arcades saw the opportunity to attract both new and existing customers. They hosted events celebrating its addition to their VR systems, marketed it heavily on social media, and offered special deals for first-time players.

Consistently rejuvenating your game selection and effectively advertising these additions are critical to keeping your customers engaged and propelling your commercial arcade to new heights of success. With Private Label VR as your partner, you gain privileged access to the pulse of the VR gaming industry. We help you stay abreast of the latest trends, assist you in curating the finest games, and provide innovative strategies to market your offerings. Leveraging Private Label VR's industry expertise, your arcade is not just surviving, but thriving in the dynamic landscape of VR gaming. Trust in Private Label VR to transform your arcade into a hotspot for the most thrilling VR experiences. Reach out to us today: