VR to Victory: Game-Changing Tournaments Await

We're revolutionizing the arcade experience by adding immersive virtual reality tournaments.

       Welcome to a world of unparalleled adventure, action, and adrenaline—right in your neighborhood. At Private Label VR, we're revolutionizing the arcade experience by adding immersive virtual reality tournaments. This is not your traditional gaming event; instead, we're offering an entirely new level of engagement where you are thrust into the action, immersed in worlds where every move you make counts.


An arcade long before the ays of virtual reality
                        Arcades have come a long way from the cabinets of the 80's                                   


       VR tournaments are more than just a competition—they're a destination. We're not hosting the PacMan tournaments of the 80s. Instead, our games like the thrilling 'Pistol Whip' and the heart-pounding 'Creed' are cutting-edge, engaging, and downright exhilarating. These immersive VR games give you the chance to step into the ring, take on a heist, or even save the world, all while competing against your friends and fellow gaming enthusiasts.    


       To draw in new players and keep our current fans coming back for more, each VR tournament is designed to be a unique experience. From neon-lit arenas and live DJ sets to themed decor based on the games and special appearances by characters from the games themselves, we transform each event into a memorable occasion. These events extend beyond the game, morphing into a social extravaganza that people will talk about long after the final scores have been tallied.    


A player in VR raises his hands in victory


       Tournaments can take different forms to suit your arcade's needs. From leaderboard challenges where players' high scores are tracked and compared, to structured elimination tournaments that raise the stakes, the excitement and camaraderie these events generate are sure to draw in crowds. Regardless of the format, we provide comprehensive tutorials and on-hand assistance to ensure every player feels comfortable, whether they're seasoned gamers or first-timers venturing into the world of VR.    


A screenshot frm a virtual reality experience


       The choice of games is crucial to a successful VR tournament. We recommend a selection of games that are not only immersive and exhilarating but also lend themselves well to competitive play. Each game is carefully chosen to showcase the capabilities of VR and provide an exciting, challenging experience for your customers.    


VR's Creed Rise to Glory in action
                                Creed's Rise to Glory has been instrumental in virtual reality tournaments               

   Promotion is key to the success of your VR tournaments. With our expert guidance on promotional strategies, we can help you market your events effectively through various channels, such as social media, word-of-mouth, or local media outlets. Offering prizes for winners can add an extra layer of excitement, drawing in even more participants.    

       VR tournaments are a powerful tool to attract new patrons to your VR arcade and ensure existing customers keep coming back for more. They provide a communal experience that showcases the potential of VR and gives visitors a reason to return.    


Beat Saber replacement for commercial VR
                             With new twists on old favorites being released all the time, the time has never been better              


       When you partner with Private Label VR for your tournament needs, you can expect:    


  • Expert guidance on tournament setup and structure.
  • Recommendations for the best games to feature in your tournaments.
  • Assistance with effective promotional strategies.
  • Suggestions for exciting prizes that will attract participants.

       At Private Label VR, we're not just experts in VR—we're your partners in driving success for your VR arcade business. We bring the know-how and the passion for VR that can transform your tournaments into must-attend events. Reach out to us today, and let's together revolutionize your VR arcade experience. It's time to step beyond the screen and into the game.